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This is a way for me to talk to my readers and you to talk to me. You'll find information about me and my work, some of my hobbies and interests, as well as upcoming events.


My goal is to entertain you. I want you to be thrilled and on the edge of your seat all the time, wondering what is going to happen next. 


After retiring from the Army, I worked in the defense industry for fifteen years. I draw from my military and corporate experience to write fast paced, suspense novels. Inspired by authors like Ken Follett, Robert Ludlum, John le Carré and, of course Tom Clancy, my books will keep you on the edge of your seat.




Reviewed by Theophila Igben for Readers' Favorite


Six Minutes Early by Patrick Parker shows the great risk taken by security operatives in the fight against terrorism. Max Kensworth, a former Delta Force officer, is given the assignment of recovering stolen nuclear weapons (SADM). Representing the Department of Defense (DOD), he works closely with the FBI, Homeland Security and other security agencies, including the Israeli Mossad. These security agencies are bound by their interests in securing the weapons and saving their countries from possible attack by ISIS, Hezbollah or Iran. The whole operation is meant to be a secret one, in order to maintain calm in the U.S. and prevent information about the SADMs from getting to countries like Russia, as these are classified government equipment.


Six Minutes Early is full of suspense, action and intrigue. I totally enjoyed the storyline as I could relate it to real issues in the international community such as terrorism and counter-terrorism. I was really fascinated by the operations of the intelligence agencies, their strong ability to think outside the box and maintain a high level of secrecy. I was also amused at the naivety of Dawn Blakey. I loved the choice of words by author Patrick Parker, which gave Six Minutes Early a not too serious tone. Patrick Parker was also able to truly communicate and share his knowledge with readers without the use of vague sentences. He obviously poured himself into his writing which gave Six Minutes Early a touch of uniqueness. I was totally engaged by every chapter right to the end.



Five Stars

By Gunn Kaare Fulleron

Good read. Kept me interested and had to put down.



Opposing Ideologies

By You can call me Lynn

A mixture of Suspense, International Intrigue, Terrorism, Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Military genres.


Bart Madison, former US military, is a consultant to multiple organizations. Some military-grade weapons come into his employer's hands. A plan is made to use it against opposing ideologies. Bart makes it happen all the way to the last detail. Unfortunately for the heartland of the United States, he is good at his job.


I enjoyed the story overall. Mr. Parker does a great job of sharing the various vantage points, not only what Bart is doing but those of the people trying to stop him from succeeding.



A fast-paced thriller

By Travelholic

A fast-paced thriller that's a real page-turner. I enjoyed the previous Patrick Parker novel that I read, and this one is just as good.


Great Novel!

...I was very impressed. ...War Merchant will not disappoint!

—Lily Benitez



...This story kept me reading.

—Lynn Hallbrooks, Masquerade-Crew



...The story line is quite healthy with many turns and twists. ...I do hope this character comes back for another story.

—Amanda Almeida (Scribbles & Scrutiny)



Entertaining Read of Intrigue

...I was delighted with Mr. Parker's novel,... I will definitely read future tales from Patrick's pen.

— Glenda



This author weaves a tale of corrupt politics .... Have your schedule cleared since you won't want to put down this book until its conclusion.

—S Pilkington



Great Book, worth reading  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! …Splendid, vivid writing, great plot, and action. I am a huge fan.

—Stefanie Stevenson



Patrick Parker doesn't disappoint… I couldn't put it it in 2 days! Can't wait for the next one...



I got emotionally involved with the main characters, got swept along on their journey, and learned a few new things.

—Lynn Hallbrooks, Masquerade-Crew



Most definitely worth a read.

—Jessica Wren



Parker has interwoven with fictional plots, believable characters and suspense. Well done.

—Sue Pilkington



I enjoyed the book. Good read.

—Shelley A Cundiff



Chasing Missing Art. I liked this book. I like mysteries and art, and this brought both together. ...overall, an enjoyable read.

—Possum of the Grotto



Well done! Not knowing much about the art treasures until watching "The Monument Men," this book brought that to modern times. Good read!

—G. d'Arbonne



Excellent story. paced throughout. ...sub-plots and twists to confuse you and keep you guessing. ...very enjoyable.... ...thoroughly recommend.

—Pete C



Gripping story. ...I just had to finish it in one day. ...the story really moved along and kept me interested to the very end. I only wish someone like the characters in this books would really discover something priceless, like the Amber Room; it has been reproduced and reinstalled by the Russians, but to find the real thing--WOW!



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